If you are thinking of taking up polo, or you are interested in joining in the action at the Cirencester Park Polo Club, then you are in the right place. OKL Polo & Equestrian are based at “CPPC” and specialise in introducing people to polo. We work with all levels of rider, and all age groups. We are extremely keen on introducing younger players and you can find out more about our work with the pony club here.

Whilst some people may be interested in swinging a mallet, others may prefer to take the scenic route and join us for a country ride. Polo ponies are renowned for their calm relaxed nature and comfort – they make the perfect hack, and not only that they look beautiful! Find out more about our country rides and how to book them.

There are some key steps to learning to play polo, and we are specialists at tailoring your entry to polo. Here are some of the areas that we can guide you though:

Polo Riding

You may already be an accomplished rider, in which case, we can quickly convert skills into polo riding skills.

If you have not yet learned to ride, here is the good news! Polo riding is probably the most relaxed of all the equestrian disciplines and we are confident that we will be able to train you in the art of polo riding very quickly. Practice makes perfect, and as well as booking in for lessons, you can make use of our country rides and stick and ball sessions to improve your skills. The more hours in the saddle, the quicker your polo skills will come on.

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On The Ball

There are many aspects to polo and you can read about the strategy and rules below. Once you have your riding skills, it is time to concentrate on your ball and game skills.

Riding and hitting the ball are of course fundamental, however there is more! Mastering the famous “ride off” and “hook” are also key as is working with and your team members once you are on the field. You will know you have made it when you start taking the penalties.

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Playing by the Rules

playingbytherules okl beaufort polo

Once you are comfortable on the horse and the ball, it is time to learn the rules. Our individually tailored polo lessons ensure that you pick up the rules along the way, and learn to play a safe, open game of polo.

As well as learning the general rules of polo, we will also be teaching you some key strategies:

  • When not to hit the ball – “leave it”, is an expression you will often hear!;
  • How to look for the next play;
  • When to take a player out of the play;
  • The throw in and penalties;
  • Fouls, don’t cross the line.

OKL Polo & Equestrian is more than just a polo school, we help our clients navigate their way into the world of polo. Running instructional chukkas and introduction tournaments, is a part and parcel of our service. This is a low risk, fun way to get to know the sport and find your feet.

The 5th Chukka - Polo is Fun

Cirencester Park Polo Club is not only one of the most stunning polo clubs, it is set up to offer all levels of polo and a fantastic social calendar. Visit the Polo Club website to see the Fixture List and what’s on this week. OKL Equestrian & Polo offer a great selection of introductory polo events both on and off the field. Get to know some of the members, enjoy the fabulous food in the club house, and bring your friends and family to the club to enjoy a day out.

One hour group sessions covering everything from tacking up to match tactics. A fun and friendly atmosphere, open to all abilities. Own ponies welcome or ponies can be provided.

Remember, polo is not just a sport it is a way of life!

We look forward to seeing you start your polo journey with us at the Cotswold Polo Academy.

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